Concordia University * Faculty of Fine Arts




by William Shakespeare Directed By Eileen Sproule

D.B. Clarke Theatre - October 19-22, 25-28, 1995

MEASURE FOR MEASURE by William Shakespeare Directed by Eileen Sproule

Eryn Griffith Scenographer

Flora Planchat Assistant Technical Director

Heidi Van Regan Stage Manager

Neil Adlington Nun Melissa Blythe Provost Michelle Bradshaw Varrius, Froth + Tamara Brown Escalus Tova Epp Pompey Bridget Gillen Friar + Michelle Latimer Claudio Stephanie Lemieux Abhorson

Marjorie Malpass Duke

Guy Mazerolle M. Overdone Amy Millan Lucio Julie Moore Bemardine + Jamie Robinson Isabelle Stephen Spreekmeester Mariana Nathalie Stechysin Elbow Nick Titcombe Juliet

Sophia Tsouluhas


Bass Michelle Bradshaw

Violin Bridget Gillen Trumpet Julie Moore Flute Nathalie Stechysin Alto Horn, Trumpet Nick Titcombe

Voices The Cast

Song Composed by Michelle Bradshaw

This production is one of a number produced this year at Concordia University. The primary purpose of this project is to provide an opportunity for our students to experience the acting process, from reading the script through to the public performance.

MEASURE FOR MEASURE by William Shakespeare

Myléne Pelletier Assistant Stage Manager

Tania Turner 2nd Assistant Stage Manager

Tina Louise Jones Sound Board Operator

Richard Boro Light Board Operator

Cornel Gabara Lighting Crew Observer Richard Boro Tanya Denenfeld Tina Jones Peter Jordan Michel Ostaszewski

Jason Smith

Costume Running Crew Ruben Leveille Yovanka McBean Publicity _C

Lisa Berg Tania Best

Sarah Carlsen Olivier Gervais-Paquin Anna Sjogren Andrew L. Smith


Centaur Dave Clarke for clarity Maria Bircher Ken Kubota Baptiste Neis Joan & Bob Sproule


PROBLEM: Many women, few men. A need for experience in Shakespeare, heavy in male roles. MY SOLUTION: Flip the genders.

This is not gender-blind casting. I would not do the play with a female Isabella, female Duke, male Angelo... That there are two separate sexes in the society is a necessary piece of the puzzle that is Measure for Measure.

This is not an exploration of drag; it is not about imitating or becoming the opposite sex. (Anyway, the scientists say there are five genders and counting, so opposite of what, exactly?) Nor is it a depiction of a matriarchal society. The Duke is not a woman; Juliet is bearing a child.

ERYN, grappling with the costume design: “Are they men or are they women?!” ME, slowly: “They are male actors in female roles and women in male roles.”

One of the definitions of character is, you are what you do.

This has been an exploration by the artistic team - director, designer, actors - of the language, roles and situations of one of Shakespeare’s “Problem Plays’. We hope you enjoy our solutions.


Denise Beamish * Facilities Director Mark Bye * Asst. Technical Director Anne Clark * Production Coordinator Maggie Ewing * Head of Wardrobe Pierre-René Goupil * Technical Director Tina Kournikakis * Co-Asst. to Chair Mairi MacEachern * Costume/Prop Rental Eric Mongerson * Department Chair, Artistic Director Robert Paquette * Head of Properties Joanne Rankin * Co-Asst. to Chair



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