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Committees Named for 2nd Annual Pageant Townspeople of Bethel will again proudly offer their fine contribution to the Christmas season, the Living Nativity Seene, on the Common, Sun- day, Dec. 19. This unique and



beautiful pageant, presented for

the first time last year, was shown and acclaimed by televis-

ion’s WMTW-TY viewing audi-

ence on Christmas Eve. Its ereat success was due to the tre- mendous support of all Bethel people and participation by all Bethel churches.

Mrs. Susan Farrar, general chairman and coordinator, has appointed the following ¢com- mittees, hopefully anticipating that those who so skillfully serv- ed in these capacities last year will again be willing to assume the responsibility: calling com- mittee, Mrs. Madge Vogt; pub- licitvy, Mrs. Rosabellé Tifft; clearing common and _ traffic control. Roderick MeMillin; lights, fred MeMillin and Blake MacKay ; stable, Ernest Per- kins, Stanley Davis and Boy Seouts; special lighting, Paul Pierce; Christmas trees, Ameri-

ean Legion; Christmas tree dec-

oration, American Legion Aux- iliary; manger, James Browne; fencing, Richard Carter; east- ing and costumes, Philippa

_Glines, Marylou Fiske, Nellie

- Frankeviez,

Carolyn Merrill,

. Nesta Littlefield. Sue Fiske and | Emily Saunders; pantomime di-

rection and



| | |

make-up, Irma "hompson ; props, Arlene Brown and Virginia KX eniston ; refreshments for cast between scenes, Girl Seouts; eniding stars, Creseent Park School children.

Bethel area people, interest-


'ed in assisting on any of the

committees, are requested to

‘’ ;

niact Mrs. Susan Farrar. eens tile




wollen SIT ink A ee) | at + shi hee ee UF


er ee .


NOVEMBER 25, 1905 |

\ISPECIAL NATIVITY SCENE COMMITTEES TO MEET | _ Committees named for the living Nativity scene, schedul- ed for Sunday Dee. 19, are ae- tively preparing for this second an mal Ss event. All committee members responded in the us- community team spirit! re will be a short meet- # Of the costume and east- take-up, and properties committees on Tuesday, Nov. 30, from 7:30 to 8:30 p. m., at the home of Mrs. Emily Saunders. Anyone not previously contact- ed, who may be interested in assisting on one of these com- mittees, is welcome to attend. Mrs. Jane Grover will be res- ponsible for locating the neces- sary animals for the pageant. Anyone who knows the where- bouts of a black sheep is asked SNon act Mrs. Grover,

- mm ow 2 A

° ethel Residents Prepare °o ° ° oO ; for Living Nativity Scene BETHEL Townspeople will} pation by all Bethel churches. present their second annual Liv-| The community is once again ing Nativity Scene, Dec. 19, onjactively preparing for this the Bethel Common. Perform-} unique event. ances of this pageant were tele-| Mrs. Charles Farrar, general vised last year and shown on/chairman and ocordinator, has Christmas eve. Its’ great suc-|called a special meeting of the. oss was due to the support ofjcostume and casting, make-up.

1 Bethel People and partici-|and properties committees for

‘pe nanan mmm | Luesday from 7:30 to 8:30 p.mi at the home of Mrs. Addison C. Saunders, Main Street. m.

Committees were named by Mrs. Farrar as follows: Calling ;committee, Mrs. Madge Vost; publicity, Mrs. Rosabelle Tifft: ‘clearing common and itraf- fie control, Roderick McMillan: lights, Fred MeMillan and |Blake McKay; stable, Ernest Perkins, Stanley Davis and Bethel Boy Scouts; special lighting effects, Paul Pierce; | Christmas trees, American Le- | gion; Christmas tree decora- | tions, American Legion Auxil- | iary; manger, James Browne; , fencing, Richard Carter: cos- tumes and casting, Phillipa Glines, Marylou Fiske, Nellie 'Frankevitz, Emily Saunders,

Carolyn Merrill, Nesta Little. field and Sue Fiske; make - up and pantomime direction, Irma |Thompson; properties, Arlene | Brown and Virginia Kenniston; refreshments between scenes for cast, Girl Scouts; animals Jane Grover: and Sr Ca

t Park School Childers» & aa

seen rar ign OoL & drand?, . wih eos

esa Fon Bt Chay . ! . wha KL es ' “ae... . - . 7


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In preparation for the Live Nativity Seene which will be held on the Common, Dee. 19, a planning meeting was held on Tuesday evening at the home of Murs. Emily Saunders. The committee is delighted to an- nounce that the Children’s Theatre of Portland will pre-

i sent the ‘‘ Wizard of Oz’’ at 3

p. m. at Bingham Ilall on the same afternoon. The first pa-

eeant showing will follow this ®

presentation at 4:30 p. m.

It was noted that some very lovely pieces of tapestry and velvet were donated last’ year. The committee is hoping to have more donations to add to their collection this year.

A rehearsal for the entire cast

has been scheduled for Sunday wa, atu. pal

Bethel townspeople are en-|

thusiastically preparing for their second annual ‘‘hiving Nativity Scene’’ to take place

ih on the Bethel Common, Sunday

December 19.

Representatives from all lo- ca] churches, and many organ- izations, are involved in the planning and cast for this com- munity event. All cast. members

J are reminded to report for re-

hearsal on Sunday, Dee. 12, at 2:00 p. m. at the fire station. |

Crescent Park School chil- dren, under the supervision of} Miss Helen Varner, have been delegated the complete respon-

| sibility for the ‘* guiding stars,’

which are very effective for this

lcglemn occasion. The children

will map out the area for plac- ing the stars on all roads lead- ing into Bethel to the Manger,

1 and will arrange to collect then

after the pageant



,ing Nativity Scene” will be en-



" Bethel's Living Nativity Scene To Be Given Dec Ihe

Participants Participants in the pageant acted on the Bethel Common. will include Susanne Kneeland, this Sunday at 4:30 p. m., 5:30 Clinton Jenkins, Cynthia Fiske, p. m. and 6:30 p. m. Visitors. Lawrence Davis, Roland Glines, from all surrounding areas are James Fiske, Alan Curtis, Dan- invited to attend and share this iel Vogt, Daniel Favreau, Rob- experience. Bethel people are ert Tifft Jr., John Gauthier, duly proud of their outstand- Douglas Farrar, John Thurston, ing ‘contribution to the Christ- Peter Kailey, Steven Hastings,

Bethel’s second annual “‘Liv- |

P Se ad

mas season, in which all Bethel Jeffrey Brown, Phillip Rolfe, |

churches participate. © Danicl Davis, Mark Walker, iais TV Portrayal an Walker, Roger Dock, James Last year’s televised pageant Perkins, Claire Batchelder, Ker-

| will be shown over W. M. T. ry Smith, Larry Smith, Robert

W.’s “Talent Spotlight” Christ- Judkins and Roger Jacks

der the supervision

mas show ‘on Sunday evening. |

This year’s pageant will again be televised, possibly for show- ing on Christmas eve. Guiding Stars Guiding stars have been plac- ed on all roads leading into

‘Bethel to direct townspeople and

visitors to the “manger”. Cres- cent Park school children, un- of Miss Helen Varner, have been res- ponsible for making and erect- ting these stars. 7

_ Committees

, Mrs, Charles Farrar is gene- ral chairman and coordinator for this project. and casting committee includes

The costume]

a -— a

‘Mrs. Roland Glines, Mrs. James)

Fiske, Mrs. John Frankevitz, Mrs. Addison C. Saunders; Mrs. ,Charles D. Merrill, Mrs. Lin- ‘coln Fiske and Mrs. Richard ‘Littlefield. vn

Er Make-up and pantomime is ‘under the direction of Mrs. Dav- Donald

Church bells will chime id Thompson. Mrs. throughout the town ten min- Brown and Mrs. Robert Kennis-

utes before each pageant por- ton are in charge of properties.

trayal, and

clude Bradley Fiske, ‘Bryant, John Trinward, Jack

James Haskell,

hyms will be heard as the crowds gather.

Teams of bell. ‘ringers | in- Gregory

Coolidge, Warren Tib-! betts, Brian Buck, Chris Mur- phy, Dean Murphy, Ronald

Chapman, Thomas

Jachacn and Bruce Smith.

‘Pageant Scenes

The thirty minute pageant

scene is done in pantomime with ‘the beautiful Christmas story

told with a background com- mentary by Michael Chretien, and appropriate Christmas hymns. The area will be aglow | with lights; and participants, artistically costimed, will give an inspiring presentation. At the completion of each scene, all

viewers will be fob th to join.

in the. singing“ ¢ the final hymn, “Oh, Conte All Ye Faith. | mY . : a

then , Christmas| Girl Scouts and Girl Scout Ca-

‘dettes will serve refreshments ike the cast between scenes. Mrs, Jane Grover is in charge of the animals,

Other committees inelude: Telephoning, Mrs. Frank Vogt, Sr.; Publicity, Mrs. Robert Tifft;

' Clearing the Common and Traf-


fie Control, Roderick McMillan;

Lights, Fred McMillan and Blake McKay, Stable; Ernest

Perkins, Stanley Daye and the’

Bethel Boy Scouts; lighting effects,

Special Paul Pierce;

Leneunas Trees, American Le-

gion, with the American Legion Auxiliary decorshag the trees; Manager, James Browne; | Sound, Glagion Crockett; and Fencing, Richard Carter.

When the last pageant is over, Mrs. George Taylor will place

her lifesize hand painted n a eA )

_ty figures in the stable for

remainder of the Coasintes Seas

——— ae) Sy ee > ed”: 6 Wn pete * 5 A 2 6 eee - aw i

Portland, Maine, Press rl Thursday, Dec. 9, 1965

Plan Cemnistiite Pro ject

A few of the key people who will be coordinating the second annual com- munity sponsored Living Nativity Scene on Bethel Common, Dec. 19, left to right, Mrs, Charles Farrar, Mrs.

Robert Keniston, Mrs. David Thomp- son. Mrs. Lincoln Fiske and Mrs. Ro- lend Glines. (By Area Correspondent Timberlake)

‘Living Nativity’ Dec. 19 At Bethel

BETHEL = Planning is now well under way for the second annual “Living Nativity Scene” to be presented Dec. 19 by the com- munity on Bethel Common.

Mrs. Charles Farrar again is general chairman and coordinator of the pageant,

‘approximately 30 minutes in duration,

which will be repeated three times during the late afternoon and early evening at 4:30, 5:30 and 6:30 p.m.

Assisting her, from the town at large, are Mrs. David Thompson, pantomime di- rection and make-up: Mrs. Lincoln B. Fiske, casting; Mrs. Roland Glines, cos- tumes; Mrs. Donald Brown and Mrs. Robert Keniston, properties.

These committees will work together

and combine to help at the pageant with, Mrs. Richard Littlefield, Mrs. John Franke-


vicz, Mrs. Addison C. Saunders, Mrs. James Fiske and Mrs. Charles Merrill.

At the Common, snow clearance and traffic control will be handled by Roder- ick McMillin; general lighting, Fred Mc- Paul Pierce, sound Clayton Crockett; stable,

Ernest Perkins, Stanley Davis, and Boy

Scout troop; manger, James Browne; ani- mals, Mrs. Robert Grover; fencing, Richard Carter; Christmas trees, Mundt-Allen Post, AL, and decorating, AL auxiliary.

Miss Helen Varner is supervising Cres- cent Park School pupils with preparation of guiding stars and their erection. Girl Scout troops will serve refreshments to cast members between scenes.

Mrs. Robert Tifft is publicity chairman, with Mrs. Frank A. Vogt er on the tele- phone,







Sco lead


ransp ames Hud


th liar}


i ——- ss


, Te ee ee ae ae ere Si See tl i le i I , © bd 4 ¢ mae . ry “Ai ee reed. , ‘ome lh So 9 Ps eget i ded oT Tee nom nea Een Pree ad oo ore . Y - 7 hI

* G a , a "4 e .. 4 7 , a Mae - a vasa Fa ' / a wert 4 er , <P 4 22 e. le oe ee el rere patie Lamy |

rece Veet Th | 4” ““ Na ade re are siting | Pee be are P As Pa | v1.) ms ' 7 a +. Mahi ep ders Sity Sa eT cate Castings UG pA ME A Eo Ltr a y a i] ae ara as ' AY, 7 . eit y! o’ oe ya P } | A Ly 7 i i f rar or ' races 4) “eo Cae Fae OTe : 4 Pid PEP UR Pte ee Ae re ribet ee pn ie ne ee ‘ow ic | rn a % 2" ' i. 7 . Portland, Maine, Sunday Telegram, December12..1965 23B i seanteraenarennencageesmrtpnsi AARRSRN Let Apes R aa EASEMIAGI OMEN SEO ASHER ONNO EN Et ai a ae ; MLO AL NON NEY GN Ee patios Wain perme te Meester . o : .

m | “4 | Poe No) a ee gee eee fo BS ; vn an They Will Call The People | The 1847 bell in the steeple of ing Nativity Scene. Around the bell 1 }West Parish Congregational Church are Bradley Fiske, Thomas Coolidge, ¢ ihe ne is inspected by members of the junior James Haskell, Gregory Bryant, Jack high Sunday School class who will Chapman, and John Trinward. (By ring it to summon people to the Liv- Area Correspondent Timberlake) . : | | Casting Completed For | Living Nativity At Bethel 7 Living !Natty ity At bethe ) BETHEL Casting for the)Smith, Robert Judkins, Roger) , }second annual Living Nativity Jackson, | Scene, to be presented Dec. 19 Py Be Ree are Brae =? antia ; | _|Fiske, Gregory Bryant, John | } on Bethel Common, was com-|,5 eq. Jacek Chapman, | _ =. | pleted this week. Thomas Coolidge, James Has- rae . | The scene, which will belkell, Warren Tibbetts, Brian} . approximately 20 to 30 minutes] Buck, Chris Murphy, Dean Mur-} in duration, is scheduled for|Phy. Ronald Jackson, and Bruce | showings at 4:30, 5:30 and 6:30) oe p.m., with church bells ringing : lin the Methodist, Nazarene, and ee West Parish Congregational 10! a minutes before each perform-j op Se! Oa , ; ance. . Participating, according to Aas . | | ; Mrs. Charles Farrar, general . ' = ate . - |chairman, are, Miss Suzanne . | Kneeland, as Mary; Clinton Jen- 4 wa | The F >) \kins, Joseph; infant Cynthia | ee . ¥ See Fiske, as the Babe; Lawrence _ wits, Davis, Roland Glines, and 4 James Fiske, wisemen. S er Shepherds include Alan Cur-) > ; m ae - tis, Daniel Vogt, Daniel Fav-—) Sr t | ey yeau, Robert Tifft Jr., John : ie an oR Ps Gauthier, Douglas Farrar, John eget < | | iM, TL ate ro | >| Thurston, Peter Kailey, Stephen . | = r My /Hastings, Jeffrey Brown, Phil-| ieee y | | SP ae | ; rye Ks: > ippe Rolfe, Daniel Davis, Mark) =) ey a | | TIA | Ys 7995) Walker, Allan Walker, Roger) | ae "Dock, James Perkins, Claire r | Batchelder, Kerry Smith, Larry | Vie

5 on

- a “ye . Slee) i 7 Site : . * a Sa ee p.

; Re f hg he e


Bethel’s annual Living Nativity Scene, offered again on the Com- mon last Sunday, demonstrated once again what a small com- munity can do!

Church bells chiming before each presentation found visitors from far and wide bringing their children to view the beautiful Christmas story portrayed in pag- entry. Stan Davis’ fine running commentary was equalled only by Jim Owen’s carolers who sang joyously at interludes, Special lighting effects set up by John | Munger made the scene glow iri- descently in the night. The final scene was filmed by WCSH-TY and shared over Channel 6 on Tuesday evening.

rsh Nog > te eee MG rey:

ae" [€ Tih ced. a, UB tT.

FINAL NARRATION of Sun- day’s Living Nativity carries a Christmas message to all:

“May we all pause and reflect from time to time during this Christmas season, that we are celebrating not only a happy holi- day where we give and receive gifts, but, above all, the most important single event of all his- tory—the birth of Jesus Christ.”’ EE ae


and director, Susan Farrar, co-




a Y

Chairman, Suzanne cocsenal’ YN

ordinated a fine esprit de corps with committees and participants behind the scenes.

But the final result pays trib- ute to many community people working together. Larger areas may have their Christmases lighted in many different ways, but we in Bethel shine with our Living Nativity!


- %. 4 wl - See eS W@an Steshs Ss ee i obdGka ss eae AAD SF ol Ty eA RE ee A eee. PE jes A Se A Duy On


Pe J


Bethel’s second annual ‘* Liv- ing Nativity Scene”’ will be en- acted on the Bethel Common this Sunday-at 4:30 p. m., 5:30 p. m. and 6:30 p. m. Visitors from all surrounding areas are invited to attend and share this experience. Bethel people are duly proud of their outstanding ‘«ontribution to the Christmas season, in which all Bethel churches participate. -

Last year’s televised pageant will be shown over WMTW?’s “«Palent Spotlight’’ Christmas show on Sunday evening. This year’s pageant will agaim be filmed, possibly for showing on Christmas Eve.

Guiding stars have been plac- ed on all roads leading into Bethel to direet townspeople and visitors to the ‘‘manger.’’ Crescent Park School children, under the supervision of Miss Helen Varner, have been res- ponsible for making and erect- ing these stars.

‘Church bells will chime’

throughout the town ten min- ‘ates before each pageant port- rayal. and then Christmas hymns will ‘be heard as the erowds gather. Teams of bell ringers include, Bradley Fiske, Gregory Bryant, John Trin- ward, Jack Chapman, Thomas Coolidge, James Haskell, War- yen Tibbetts, Brian Buck, Chris Murphy, Dean Murphy, Ronald Jackson and Bruce Smith. The thirty minute pageant scene is done in pantomime with the beautifml Christmas story tokd with a background com- mentary by Michael Chretien, and appropriate Christmas hymns. The area will be aglow with lights; and participants, artistically costumed, will give an inspiring presentation. At the completion of each scene, all

viewers will be invited to join

in the singing of the final

hymn, ‘‘O Come All Ye Faith-

go N

as wer. 7 ; p ea. ts ee ; wh, ae

» 5 era “= See i abcdos a TREK on

Some of the shepherds who will be participating in the Liv- ine Nativity Scene on the Beth- el Common, Sunday: (two sneeling, left to right), James -erkins and Stephen Hastings;

three standing, left to right), \llan. Walker, Phillip Rolfe, and Jolin Thurston.

Participants in the paged will be Susanne Kneeland, Clir ton Jenkins, Cynthia Fiske, Lawrence Davis, Roland | Glines, James Fiske, Alan ‘Cur- tis, Daniel Vogt, Daniel Fay- reau, Robert Tifft Jr., John Gauthier, Douglas Farrar, John Thurston, Peter Kailey, Steph- en Hastings, Jeffrey Brown, Phillip Rolfe, Daniel Davis, Mark Walker, Allan Walker, Roger Dock, James Perkins, G@laire Batchelder, Kerry Smith, Larry Smith, Robert Judkins, and Roger Jackson.

Mrs. Charles Farrar, general chairman and coordinator, an- nouneces that a final rehearsal is scheduled for all participants on Saturday, at 5:00 p. m., on the Bethel Common.

After the pageant, Mrs. George Taylor will once again place her life-sized hand paint- ed nativity figures in the sta- ble for the remainder of .the

. Christmas Season. 2,

gl a Dee |

THE D COUNTY CITIZEN, I i Se Na Z Se MAINE, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 23, 1965 i vat igo ier yt 4 . a 7 Cae oar ee fe el G2 | APs 11 Re a 7 ae 7 ee ¥ iy el if = ' = f LIVING NATIVITY SCENE and hymns. Everyone joined in PRESENTED FOR SECOND | the singing of the final hymn, YEAR LAST SUNDAY ‘“() Come All Ye Faithful’’. ahd Mrs. George Taylor has plac- JpUnce agai on) a i“ even- aq her lovely hand-painted life- ing, «townspeople oF ey al pre- size nativity figures vat the -sented their ee Living \Manger for the remainder of Nativity Seene.’’ A blanket of {he Christmas season for all to iewly fallen snow added seren- sey joy. By ett0. the scene which clowed This notable experience at “under the pageant lights. Christmastime is shared by all Bells chimed over the town Bethel people with each other, before each pageant, and Christ- and with visitors from neighbor- mas hymns were heard as ing towns. All churches take crowds hurried to the Manger. part in this event which is pre- The beautiful Christmas story sented in a true ‘Christmas sp1- | ee . was solemnly enacted by proud rit. Bethel people can ‘be de- participants, against an appro- servingly proud of their fine | priate background commentary gilt to the ‘Christmas season. | m ag a ae | | . 3 2 ee | ie east, divecae Or- } Sj oe CCW ies | dividuals (and hea ittees, | mm | Lf Be y ee animals) who Boul Se r ) o } } lait a | bathe Save of their time er . Pe | oe during this busy gas} ) Ti; n made the Secon Y Season ! ie Nativity possible annual ) ank Vou and Mer - ; mas! try Christ- = “We ae ya | . ; : = Susan Farrar EM TA se Uae gh boy SND Sita

i = iT ae /. oe tom Oe 6S i se 2 aie OOD al se Bo SS. = ee | 264” «tie

* ok a a 4



ad ~ wh, Oe


7 a. 7 =" - Oe ee, oh i ee Ra

-< co eS et





To the Coordinator and Commit- tees for the Bethel Nativity Scene:

I was in Bethel on Sunday, December 19, and went over to the Common and watched the dis- play of your wonderful Nativity Scene. Being a Bible student all my life, I was fascinated and spellbound. I stood in silence while the tears rolled down my face through it all. I may not be able to say in words what I felt, because Christmas to me means

more than a display of commer- |

cialism and Santa Clauses.

I was baptized by emersion on } Christmas night. It was my gift |

to Him, who gave His all for my deliverance from Sin. That was in 1922. I am now 64 years old, and nowhere have I ever wit- nessed what I did on the Common watching your Nativity Scene.

The only way any of it could possibly be improved at all, might be through a little more shelter for the animals and the Mother and Infant. It was chilly, and in Bible reference, whether actually the winds or snow were in effect, I don’t really know. Anyway, it was one of the greatest things I’ve seen in all my life.

Your example to the listening world, your influence in Bethel, and by now, in many other plac- es, will be freighted by the matchless Holy Spirit of Al- mighty God, in this serious and living event. My prayer to Him,

_ for what I’ve seen is that He may

touch your heart as: He has mine and may your light shine bright for Him, and may God bless ev- ery hand that helped in any way to establish this setting.

How wonderful Christmas could be if more of this (our Only

Hope) were put into its rightful |

place, instead of piling the store shelves with war toys and feast- ings and drunkedness, and beer bottles desecrating our streets and highways.

For every moment I spent be- fore that beautiful display, Amen to you and God richly bless. I know He will.

Miss Alice Chute 143 Roadside Rest Bryant Pond, Maine >